Dr. Allen was a great listener, very knowledgeable and even made me laugh a few times. I saw him regarding back pain I've been experiencing for years due to poor posture and sitting at a computer all day – I left feeling so much better after the adjustments he made, but also hopeful, that continued adjustments and following some of his simple advice on changes I can make, will ultimately relieve much of my back pain. I look forward to my next visit!

- Anonymous / New York, NY

Downtown Broadway Chiropractic

Downtown Broadway | Tribeca and Financial District Chiropractor

Chiropractic services can sometimes have a mysterious quality, as well as other alternative medicines, mainly because they provide something different than the default within the healthcare profession. Thankfully, we have the in-network services of Dr. Jonathan Allen in the New York and Financial District area to help destigmatize the practice.

In addition, we work in partnership and with the continuous, steadfast support of organizations like the International Chiropractors Association (ICA), the world’s oldest active international chiropractic organization that represents practitioners, students, assistants, educators, and anyone looking to break into the profession. The International Chiropractors Association works to dispel any false information. In addition, it works tirelessly to provide truthful comparisons regarding the fundamental principles and philosophy of chiropractic care versus the many other types of modern-day health care.

Our Chiropractic Care

Dr. Jonathan Allen came from a long line of family chiropractors and was raised in the profession as his father and grandfather were licensed, practitioners. He is now a chiropractic care provider at the Downtown Broadway Chiropractic Clinic, which serves patients in the New York area. Dr. Allen provides chiropractic care for pain relief in the body's back, neck, and joints, posture realignment, and correction.

In addition, he provides expert advice on personalized ergonomics and professional carpal tunnel diagnostics and treatments. Here at the Downtown Broadway Chiropractic offices of Dr. Jonathan Allen, chiropractic care is more than a job. It’s gentle, non-invasive, pain-relieving care that improves overall health in patients who become like family after just a few visits.

Chiropractic Treatments

We provide several treatments within our practice, and Dr. Jonathan Allen is here to help with pain or discomfort. Whether the pain is mild or severe, we offer posture correction, ergonomics, prenatal chiropractic techniques. Additionally, we can assist with Carpal Tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. If you have any further questions, ask during your consultation, and we will be happy to describe our treatment process.

Schedule an Appointment with Us

So be sure to book an appointment online or call us at (212) 227-2225 to chat with one of our professionals about the opportunities for wellness we offer here at the Downtown Broadway Chiropractic clinic.


Reviews From our Satisfied Patients

  • "He knows what he's doing and is extremely personable and professional."
    Matt W.
  • "Dr. Allen is fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone seeking personalized care."
    Graig C.
  • "Dr. Allen was engaging and efficient. I was out of the office in under 30mins, which is outstanding for an initial appointment/screening."
    Scott K.
  • "Dr. Allen is very personable and helpful. My back pain has been relieved."
    Ziyi L.

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