Posture Correction Q & A

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Why is Good Posture so Important?

It is well known that it's important to stand tall and sit with the back very straight, by many people don't really know why. Ultimately, the reason that good posture matters so much is good spinal alignment. When posture is bad, the spine is under considerable stress. A stressed spine can't maintain its proper position and soon shifts into a state of misalignment. Misalignment can cause a great deal of pain, and could even result in movement problems over the long term.

How Does Correct Posture Look?

Correct posture when standing includes having the shoulders straight, the chest slightly thrusted forward, and the head looking straight ahead. Hunching the back, craning the head forward or downwards, and slouching in the shoulders are all bad habits that lead to poor posture. When sitting, correct posture includes leaving the back close to the back of the chair, keeping feet planted on the ground, and leaving the shoulders relaxed but not hunched over. Good posture habits may take some practice, but they will soon become second nature with some diligence.

What Can be Done to Improve the Posture?

Even people who have very poor posture can correct their posture with the help of an experienced chiropractor like Dr. Allen. Chiropractic adjustments can gently and gradually move the spine into the optimum state of alignment. With a properly aligned spine, patients will find it easier to straighten up and improve their posture without pain. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, customized exercises can help patients develop stronger core muscles to support the spine. This, in turn, helps keep the spine in correct alignment and makes it easier to maintain proper posture long term. The chiropractic care provider may also recommend some ergonomic devices that will make it easier to maintain spinal alignment while sitting at a desk or doing other routine tasks.